When it comes to pizza, nobody has the passion and knowledge like chef and owner, Chris Patrick.

After working more than a decade making pizzas for the North Ends’ own, Pizzeria Regina, Chris traveled the world in search of his own recipes, including a five year stint in New Orleans where he’s studied with some of the world’s finest chefs.

His travels led him to Scituate where he learned the true passion of real Italian tradition from famous chef, Jimmy Burke. Chris learned that the secret of great food comes from using only the best ingredients.

This is why all of CP’s Woodfired Pizzas are made with Caputo’s double-zero flour which he imports from Italy. This flour uses grains grown only in Italy and while it does contain gluten, It uses only the highest grade of grain which does not possess the negative effects of gluten.

Chris also only uses the San Marzano tomatoes which are grown in the volcanic ash of Mt. Vesuvius and then shipped over to him.

He then hand juliennes Bel Gioioso's delicious fresh mozzarella cheese and weighs out just the right amount for each pizza.

All of CP’s pizzas are finished with a light sprinkle of imported parmesan cheese and oregano and a drizzle of imported olive oil on the crust. It is this use of great ingredients, combined with the finest meats and fresh produced shipped fresh every morning that creates a pizza pie like no other.